We are here to help the tenant underdog, facing the Housing Goliaths.

Other than the Citizens Advice, there are limited avenues for tenants to turn to in order to get a voice or any help with issues surrounding your tenancy and landlord. In the first place, we can help tenants of Housing Associations and Councils who are suffering with repairs long overdue…. longer than 3 months.

We will make a housing disrepair claim to force the landlord to make repairs and pay you compensation.


Tell us about the problems in you home in our form below

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Only select issues reported at least 3 months ago.

Damp / Mould

Leaking Roof

Missing Roof Tiles

Broken / Leaking Guttering

Timber Rot

Faulty / Blocked Drains

Broken Heating

Mice / Rat Infestation

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We are council / housing association tenants.

We have reported at least one of the faults more than 3 months ago.

If my case is accepted, I agree for it to be passed to 3rd party solicitor.

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Each case is treated individually but generally we follow this process:

Understanding what has happened

Our Initial discussion will look to establish the problems you have, when they occurred, the time that has elapsed since reporting the issues to you landlord. Photographs or each issue is crucial to building understanding and a case – this includes documentation as well as damage to walls, ceiling, flooring, furniture or personal belongings. We can receive photos by WhatsApp as well as email for your convenience.

Reviewing your documents

Once we have taken details over the phone, explained the process and received photographs, your case will be reviewed and allocated to one of our solicitors

Solicitor Call

Our Solicitor will confirm the details used to build your case and send the claim documentation for you to review and sign so that we can start the proceedings.

Your Case will be started as explained by the Solicitor

Once documents have been signed the solicitors will start your case and try to gain settlement as quickly as possible.


Our specialist housing disrepair solicitors are here to help you to use your tenant’s rights to regain any financial loss and ensure your landlord is held accountable for their lack of action.

If you are a council or housing association tenant, there are very strict legal requirements to ensure your landlord keeps your property in a good state of repair. If you have complained to your landlord and they have failed to repair the property, we can help get the repairs complete. Not only will they be legally obliged to carry out the works, but they will also have to pay compensation to you.

We help clients with a wide range of disrepair get their property repaired free of charge - If the disrepair has inconvenienced you seriously and you have suffered through ill health – such as asthma; coughs and colds; depression; anxiety, personal injury or your personal belongings have been damaged then you may be entitled to claim compensation.

There’s a significant difference between a repair and an improvement:

We can help with repairs only. So, if for example you have an old kitchen, your landlord is not obliged to renew it, this is an upgrade, not repair.

A fix to an existing fixture or fitting, which makes it work or safe to use again. Your landlord is obligated to carry out this kind of task.

A new feature, fixture or fitting that replaces what was there before and could be regarded as an upgrade. Your landlord is not obligated to make improvements to the property.

Why Choose Us

We use a specialist panel of solicitors that take your case on a ‘No Win, No Fee’ basis – this means:
  • No Upfront Costs
  • Win fee means we fight for the highest compensation for you
  • Insurance (ATE) covers the costs if we are unsuccessful


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