Tenants are one of the least represented groups in the UK in as far as they have little in the way of guidance when things go wrong with renting a property.

This site is to serve several purposes in order to strengthen the position of tenants when choosing to rent a property, but also to give guidance to those already in a contract and experiencing difficulties with their landlord.

Tenant / Landlord / Agent Review

By registering here, you can protect and advise tenants of the performance of you landlord, private, housing association or council. The information collected is stored in an anonymous state – based on the property address rather than that of the landlord or the tenant.

In the long term this review system will deter landlords (particularly, private landlords) from taking advantage of the weak position tenants have when negotiating repairs, rent increases etc.

Before renting a property, tenants will be able to search for the address they are considering seeing if there are any negative reviews of the agents and landlord – something they have never had the opportunity to do before.

Things that can be highlighted include

  • Problems with repairs to the property
  • Return of deposit
  • Unscheduled visits
  • Yearly rent increases

Claims against landlords for Housing Disrepair

  • Any of the following can give rise to a claim:
  • Mould, fungus or dampness
  • Leaks, flooding or water damage
  • Cracks
  • Defective roofing or gutters
  • Defective boiler
  • Defective windows and doors
  • Defective brickwork
  • Defective or dangerous electrical wiring
  • List Item

This includes disrepair to the property itself, which the landlord has not fixed. This could include:

  • Damage to your windows & doors
  • Damaged interior such as wallpaper, curtains and carpets that have been affected by damp
  • Blocked drains Leaks from the roofing of your property
  • Badly maintained brickwork to the outside of the property which is causing water to enter your property

Damage to your belongings, goods or furniture can occur through a variety of avenues. These can include:

  • Damp walls
  • Water damage via leaks or faulty water pipes
  • Damage due to construction occurring in the property
  • Mould on walls

Where do we work?

Our coverage of the UK includes, but is not limited to:
  • Housing Disrepair Leicester
  • Housing Disrepair Nottingham
  • Housing Disrepair Leeds
  • Housing Disrepair Manchester
  • Housing Disrepair Liverpool
  • Housing Disrepair Birmingham
  • Housing Disrepair London
  • Housing Disrepair Bristol
  • Housing Disrepair Sheffield
  • Housing Disrepair Reading
  • Housing Disrepair Bournemouth
  • Housing Disrepair Milton Keynes
  • Housing Disrepair Salford
  • Housing Disrepair Preston
  • Housing Disrepair Bolton
  • Housing Disrepair Wigan
  • Housing Disrepair Bradford
  • Housing Disrepair Newcastle
  • Housing Disrepair Bury
  • Housing Disrepair Salford
  • Housing Disrepair Cambridge
  • Housing Disrepair Plymouth
  • Housing Disrepair Warrington
  • Housing Disrepair Northampton
  • Housing Disrepair Bedford
  • Housing Disrepair Watford
  • Housing Disrepair Brighton
  • Housing Disrepair Portsmouth
  • Housing Disrepair Peterborough
  • Housing Disrepair Cardiff
  • Housing Disrepair Swansea
  • Housing Disrepair North Wales
  • Housing Disrepair Brighton


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